Karachi Kings Brand Ambassadors PSL 2020

Karachi Kings have not been the best of sides in Pakistan Super League right from the inaugural season. Their performances saw many ups and downs and they are yet to find their tournament winning combination. However, they are still one of the biggest franchises in PSL and have done a lot of work on their branding. Just like every season, they have Karachi Kings brand ambassadors PSL 2020 presenting their message everywhere and imparting Kings’ philosophy in the young cricketers and the cricket fans. But who are the brand ambassadors for the franchise.

Karachi Kings Brand Ambassadors PSL 2020

As mentioned earlier, Karachi Kings are quite a popular franchise that has done a lot of work bringing PSL to the point where it is today. Their brand ambassadors have their say and are renowned personalities in the country. They are always present on the field along with the Kings’ management and lift the morale of the team’s fans in every season of PSL.

Here we have the names of Karachi Kings brand ambassadors PSL5.

Fahad Mustafa 


The film-star Fahad Mustafa has been extremely popular among the youth in the country for his unique aura and personality. He has made appearances in several superhit movies in the lead roles and also runs his own TV show on ARY Digital with the name “Jeeto Pakistan”. He is one of the brand ambassadors for Karachi Kings too. Besides, promoting his franchise at different marketing events and also by being present in their official jerseys at their matches, he invites the team players to his show as well and helps fans get familiar with them.

Hamayun Saeed

Another Karachi Kings Brand Ambassador PSL 2020 is the popular TV and Movie star Humayon Saeed. He has also featured in some super hit movies and TV series and has a huge fan following across the country. He is present side by side with other ambassadors at the grounds when Kings play their matches in PSL and will be expected to serve his role in PSL 5 too.

Shehzad Roy

The rockstar of the 90s, Shehzad Roy has been involved in several capacities with the Kings. The iconic singer has also sung their anthems for the past few seasons as well. And, he is another addition to their list of brand ambassadors too.

All these ambassadors for Karachi Kings are present at different events organized by the Kings. They are also part of Kings’ marketing campaigns and give a new boost of motivation to the cricket fans to support their favorite team. You can expect these Karachi Kings brand ambassadors PSL 2020 to keep doing the same as we approach the next season of the tournament.


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