US and China Agree to Remove Pakistan’s name from the Gray List

US and China appear to agree to remove Pakistan’s name from the gray list, while Indian media have mourned. US and China’s Financial Action Task Force (FATF) graylist to remove Pakistan’s name The news regarding this has been coming up for the past few days, but now Indian newspapers have published reports citing their sources that Pakistan’s name will be removed from the gray list at the next meeting. That could prove to be a big blow to India.

A report published on the Indian website News18 states that Pakistan’s largest ally has received cocaine indicators from China. Expressed satisfaction. FATF-style looks like Pakistan may be off the gray list next month. According to sources, China has once again supported Pakistan in getting it out of the gray list. Following the recommendation of China and some Western countries, steps have been taken to exclude Pakistan from the gray list.

Indian website quoted sources as saying that FATF had given Pakistan a 27-point action plan to curb money laundering and terror funding. An important meeting was held in Beijing from January 21 to 23 on these points. According to the Indian media, countries like China, Britain, the United States, Australia and Japan have not given any negative feedback against Pakistan’s action plan.

According to Indian media, the United States is in peace talks with the Taliban in Afghanistan these days and on this occasion it needs to be with Pakistan. Over the past few months, Pakistan has also been instrumental in easing US tensions with Iran. That is why the US has supported Pakistan this time.

According to Hum News, a significant meeting was held in Beijing between Pakistan and FATF officials a few days ago in which Islamabad presented detailed report of measures to prevent terrorism and money laundering. Organizations have been banned and 1104 people have been arrested in terror financing cases across the country.

According to the report, the case registration for terrier financing increased by 451 percent and the arrest rate in this regard was also 677 percent. Has increased. Is found, the recovery of 42 million. The briefing stated that 827 cases of Terror Financing were registered till December 2019. As a result of these cases, 1104 arrests were made from across the country and 196 people have been sentenced. FATF officials expressed their satisfaction over Pakistan’s response report. The next meeting of the FATF will be held in Paris in February to decide on the removal of Pakistan from the gray list.

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